How Do You Define Faith?

How Do You Define Faith?

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Spirituality

How Do You Define Faith?

The common answer to that would be faith is believing in the things that you want yourself to believe in but cannot prove. It is a sad reality that many people believe that faith is defined as such. Even Christians have defined faith in this manner. It may be liberating for many because they are able to believe in whatever they want to believe in. They Praying man silhouttedo not need to give any explanation because none can be given and it is all about faith. However, there are people who find this definition to be sickening. Embracing faith with this kind of definition in mind means you stop thinking. The more your faith increases, the more your reasoning and meaning of life disappears too. You end up living in the dark with this definition of faith.

When you define faith incorrectly, you will be asking the wrong questions and the problems that you deal with will be the wrong ones. As a result, you end up having the wrong answer too. When you have faith, it should not be about wishful thinking. Faith does not mean you should believe non-existent things and it does not warrant everything to be believable.

So how should we correctly define faith? The Hebrews author has defined faith as “…a substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen…” It can also be defined as believing that God exists and any person who seeks God will be rewarded by Him.

So let us have a much simpler example. You have a female friend and you tell this faithfriend that you have faith in him. What are you referring to exactly? You know that the person exists and you know in your heart that you can trust this person, believe the things he says and you have trust in him as a person. The same thing is applicable for your faith in God. You know the he exists and you believe that God’s promises can be trusted. It is quite difficult to trust a person who is not there and if you do not think that a person’s promises are reliable, then you certainly would not rely on that, would you? Our faith in God does not make him real. On the other hand, this is how we respond to the God who wants us to know him.

Right from the very beginning of the church, its refrain has never changed. “Come, believe and follow the light of the world.” Not once did the church ever appeal for the people to go to the dark. You can never find anything like that in the scripture. What the church is asking us to do instead is take the lighted path. The messages that you will find in the Christian scripture is not based on ignorance. Christians are called to look at things as they are and not what we want them to be. We believe in God because we know he is real. He has been revealed to us through his Son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit as well.


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