Spirituality: The Basics You Need To Know

Spirituality: The Basics You Need To Know

Posted by on Feb 24, 2016 in Spirituality

Spirituality: The Basics You Need To Know

What is spirituality? Is it the same as religion? If you are not quite sure what it is, then you have come to the right place. To begin with, spirituality and religion are two different things. There are different kinds of spirituality and there are reasons why people opt to lead spiritual lives. This article that you are about to read will be quite helpful if you happen to be a victim of discrimination or if you just want to know more about spirituality and have a better understanding of it.

So what is spirituality? There is an ongoing debate until today about what spirituality is. This is something that is often misunderstood by many and is being confused with religion. Every religion does emphasize that being a spiritual person is part of the faith but it is quite possible to be a spiritual person without being part of a religion or religious community.

How do religion and spirituality differ?
When you say religion, there is a particular set of practices and beliefs that is shared by the religious group. Whereas for spirituality has more smart-workplace-100539537-primary.idgeto do with each person’s practice. It has a lot to do with getting that sense of purpose and peace. It has more to do with developing your beliefs based on your perception of the meaning of life and how you can connect with others.
For a quick analogy, take a look at a football game. Rules are set and referees are there to ensure that you and the other players abide by these rules as you play the game. This is what religion is like. With spirituality however, imagine yourself to be kicking a ball in the park. There are no rules to abide to or field markings to remember. You just play as you wish because you are having fun but without missing the essence of a football game.

The Different Types of Spirituality
1. Mystical spirituality – one has the desire to go beyond this materialistic world, the senses and ego. With this kind of spirituality, one is focused on having a sense of unity with every thing.
SpiritualityWorkplace2. Authoritarian spirituality – It is based on the need to have rules and definitions. This is often seen in some religious practices around the world.
3. Intellectual spirituality – One is focused on having the knowledge and spiritual understanding by studying history and theories related to spirituality. This is normally found in theology.
4. Service spirituality – commonly seen in many forms of religion. The foundation of this spirituality is serving others.
5. Social security – Commonly used by people who get a spiritual feeling when they are with other people. Typically, social support is an important part of spirituality.

Why is spirituality being practiced by many people?
It is a great way to find peace in a normally busy lifestyle. You have a good chance of having a getting different perspectives with spirituality and you learn to recognize that we have much bigger roles in this life that goes beyond what we do on a daily basis. Spirituality gives us the power to avoid depending on material objects and have a greater purpose.

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